The Next Elite Challenge that starts on August 5th!


You  work  hard!  

You  have  kids!  You  have  a  job!

You  struggle to get out of bed  in  the  morning

 You  are  suffering  from  Mom burn out,


You  WANT to be able to be active, healthy, feel BALANCE! 

You  are  struggling  to  be  YOUR   ideal “good Mom”  and you  have  a  DESIRE  to know you  are  “enough” 


I have  solutions!  

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Shelley T - Mom of 3

 F3 Elite Member - Round 2! <3 

So while working out Wednesday I showed Terra this picture from a year ago to the day. I decided to collage them one from that day and the old one.
When discussing my why THIS IS IT!!
I started with Terra in November of last year. But if I'm being honest i really didn't start and truly buy in until January. 

I couldn't get out of my own head. 

But with the help of my awesome trainer who I am fortunate enough to now call my friend, I dealt with some pretty heavy shit. 

And since I've dealt with it and not buried it I've seen some awesome changes.

 I didn't put it on in a day, I'm gonna have to work to take it off.

 Its not gonna happen overnight. 

And that's ok. 

It's ok because I am WORTH IT!

 So for all of you who are struggling to commit and find the time. Remember you are WORTH IT!! 

And you get out what you put in. 

So let's do this ladies!!

It's My 5th Anniversary!!

I want to celebrate by passing on a few Discounts and Savings onto You!


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Personal Training


In House/In Gym Training

Monthly to 3 Month Membership Options

All Training Packages Include the Following:

~2 - 3 Sessions/week   

- 30 minutes to an hour  

This depends on the reason for acquiring a trainer - some clients NEED the full hour, some only require 30 minutes - we are able to identify your needs within our initial consultation. 

~One On One Coach Call at the beginning of each month to discuss & Set Goals Individualized for you!

~Weekly Nutrition Planning/Guidance 

~Option for discount on Extra Programs to use in the Gym/At Home/On Vacation

~Continuous Life Coaching to work through what's holding you back from reaching YOUR goals - Health and Otherwise!

~Q & A Access - In respect of working hours & necessity to access

All Investment  values  are  subject to Options Chosen

Please contact for Information & Customization of Your Package! 

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Hardcore Bootcamp

Is Happening NOW!

Your solution to staying active with the Accoutability level you can opt in for within a Group Setting!

Bootcamp & Lifting Classes 

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I look forward to seeing you there! 

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