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Pam - Entreprenuer - Mom of 3


I have worked with Terra for the past year and a half and have found her coaching to be a huge benefit.  When I first met Terra, she chatted with me about 21 Day Fix, other Beachbody programs and shakeology that is the main supplement used with these programs.  I decided to purchase the 21 day fix program.  She explained to me that she would add me to a facebook accountability group.  I was very nervous about this, but agreed, as I wanted all the help I could get to help me accomplish my goal to be in better health and lose weight while getting stronger.  I was very quickly thrilled with the group and the program and shakeology. The guidance I received on a daily basis from Terra and the other ladies was amazing!  I gained so much knowledge about fitness and nutrition and received so much encouragement!  I loved the workouts and after 2 rounds of 21 day fix, decided to do other programs to continue  my journey.  After 6 months, I had achieved a huge transformation - I lost 40 pounds, gained so much strength and muscle.  I had much more energy and felt healthier than I had in many years!  I attribute so much of this to the guidance that Terra gives on a daily basis.   I continue to be part of her accountability group, as our tribe is so supportive in every aspect of life.  It is a safe place to talk about anything - not just our workouts and nutrition, but everything in our lives.  I decided that I would like to work one on one with Terra to help me increase my self love, deal with some family issues, and get my life more organized.  I found that each call we had, she made me think about who I was and what I was doing in my life.  Many times, she made me realize that I was the one who had to make changes if I wanted my feelings about my life to change.  She had many questions and assignments which made me open my mind and examine who I am and how I was doing things.  Her guidance took me from a place of feeling like life was negative to one where I look at the positives each and every day.  I feel that this transformation has been the biggest success for me!  I now love who I am and how I look.  I highly recommend working with Terra - she will listen carefully, be very clear and honest about what she hears - and she will help you help yourself.  You are the only one who can do the work and make the changes - but we all need guidance - and Terra has given me excellent support!  I highly recommend her!!

What are you waiting for?


Mom of 1 - Degenerative Spine Disease

When this Incredible woman came into my gym, she could barely do a crunch.  Her goal was to FIGHT the disease she had been diagnosed with, several years prior!   She knows her spine is degenerating... she knows the muscle is deterioriating... BUT she wanted to do something about it!   She wanted to be able to keep picking up her toddler without worrying about the consequences of a weak spine!   

Within 3 months, she went from push ups on a bench, to push ups on the floor with ease.  She went from barely 5 reps of any core exercise to upwards to 20!  She went from holding plank for :15 seconds to over a minutes!! She worked 2 days a week for 3 months, doing some work at home when she could.. and she is achieving HER GOALS!!  

So Proud of you lady!! <3 

Results come from the Work of you & your Coach! Choose Wisely!



Mom - Business Owner - in her 40's and fighting off menopause with being HEALTHY!!    She WORKED the programs!  She doesn't drink Shakeology... 

She drinks wine and indulges with balance when she wants to! She is a Prime Example of where every woman wants to be in their Journey! This is what she had to say at the end of April 2018: 

"Weight was 114... I am currently 110.. lbs.. I have WAY MORE STRENGTH... WAY MORE AMBITION ... and WAY MORE DEDICATION... when it comes to taking care of ME....seeing the definition in my arms and in my abs and in my back keep me pushing myself everyday. I have only lost 4 lbs and 8 inches in the last year and a half... but I have toned my body and in all honesty I eat the exact same way I did back then. I've always been a fairly clean eater so I don't desire to change that.

"I'm important Enough to be Happy"

Single Dad of 3 

"Terra has impacted my life by helping me realize that I am important enough to be happy and do things for myself that will make me happy.  She has also taught me that sometimes the best things may happen outside your comfort zone.  The one thing that has helped a lot is whenever I feel down or depressed, for some reason is to thing of 5 things I am grateful for.  Its has helped a lot on the stressful days."

"You push me to find the REAL issues"

Jennifer - single mom of 3 

"You push me to find the real issues.  The ones deep down and that have been there since those miserable early elementary years.  No other person has pushed me to be the better woman, girlfriend, co-worker, and all around person.  When I'm feeling defeated she can make me feel like a warrior again.  She seems to do this even if we haven't talked!" 

It's a Lifestyle!

Lavern - Entreprenuer/Businessman

"I believe the biggest impact Terra has made in my life, is her ability to push through some trying situations,  and refocus herself to never give up on what's truly important to her ,which is her children and her own well being.  Whenever I feel like having a pity party, about what's not perfect in my life, I just need to sign into FB and see that bundle of positive energy and remember what she has gone through"


"Built on respect"

Danielle - Mom of 3 - Studio Director/Choreographer/Teacher

Terra has made an impact in my life, but understanding my lifestyle and reassuring that a friendship does not require everyday nourishing.  That a friendship can be built and be strong, even if it means dropping a line a month in between conversations.  It can remain strong even with disagreements or paths leading our lives into different ways. In a world where we seem to require immediate response.  Terra has shown me strong friendships that doesn't need to be reminded on a daily phone all.  I know that she will be there when I need it or if it's the other way around.  This is built on a respect for each other's personalities and respect for lifestyles and skills"

"Online Training has totally changed my life!!!"

Breanne - Work at home/Work out of the home Mom of 2 & Hubby works away!

"I really can’t say enough about how this online training has totally changed my life!!!
I will be honest, I can be the master of excuses, especially when it comes to working out.i made a decision that I needed to do something about my physical health and I took the time to identify ways that I could stay motivated and be held accountable. The truth is, that paying someone to hold me accountable has made a huge difference. Now the first couple months I was in my trainers home gym, twice a week. But as school started back up and my work got busy, it has been harder and harder to get into Lloyd to do it. Bing bing bing - enter the online training.
Now, whether it is the weather, or sick kids, or just needing to shower in my own bathroom, I can still get my workout in without making an excuse.
I love the flexibility that the online personal trainer allows for me, and I love that my kids get to see me making that commitment! It is so great that I can tell them I have a session with Terra Dawn and they know they need to keep themselves busy for a half hour! They may come cheer me on or need me to peel a banana! And that is great, because I can still do what I need to do!
Seriously gonna feel those butterfly presses in the morning!"



Mom of 3 - G. Scott

"This is a great personalized program that is customized to meet personal goals and schedule.  Terra is very knowledgeable in her field and possesses a wealth of experience.  She will push you to your personal limits in a positive and encouraging manner.  I love the one on one attention and look forward to achieving monthly results!"


Katie - Mom of 2 - Entreprenuer/Boss Mom 

 The level of service and commitment shown from Terra’s coaching is above and beyond “typical” fitness and mindset training. She provides opportunities for you to push yourself in all areas - physical, mental and spiritual. Not only have I seen growth in myself and others in the group, but also in Terra herself. She leads by example and is constantly striving for further greatness in the programs and services she provides 


 Brianna S - Introduction to Powerlifting - Overall Gain of healthy habits to start adutlhood!!  

Terra is an AMAZING trainer/woman. One if the most kind, hard working and down to earth people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. She really knows how to motivate and push you, and really teaches you things you can apply outside of your sessions! Since working with her I’ve felt so much stronger and healthier! 

All Keys to gaining Success!!

 Jordan - Full time, Single, working mom of 2 - Mom Boss - Etc Etc ;) 

Love Terra, She is down to earth and puts your needs and wants into a plan that accommodates your schedule. She is willing to push you as far as you need to be and cheers you on the whole way through your journey with her. She makes it super easy to confide in her and always willing to make sure she does everything she can to help coach you where and when she can.  Her options to work with her in-house or over a video coordinated appointment in the comfort of your own home makes it even easier to stay on track when your schedule doesn't always allow you to be their to train with her in-house. Truly means the world to have that option when you have a busy family life!  Thanks Terra for making it happen!!!! 

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