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Stepped back on the stage in May of 2019!   

What a ride!  

Full details coming soon! 

My Competition Journey - 2018


The Before

Pictures: 8 weeks out

I made the decision in November 2017 to really hit this journey. 

I had contemplated competing before, but life got in the way on a couple of occasions.   I wasn't and haven't allowed anything to get in my way this time!! I found a new sense of ferocity and determination to step on stage!

Now this isn't about just stepping on stage, or the vanity around it.  

This is about my mental toughness when it comes to my struggle with emotional eating.  This is about doing something that someone of a normal intestinal tract struggles with, let alone someone with Crohn's disease.  There is a lot of foods on the "normal diet down plan" that I can not eat without getting sick!    I also have poly cystic kidneys, which means I have to be cautious of my protein intake. 

This is about me beating my own self doubt, as well as the doubt others have verbalized.  If you're considering competing, remember, that some family and friends will not support you.  They won't even agree with what you're doing.  It won't be until strangers start to celebrate you, that they will jump on board.   So brace yourself for it! Be prepared!  Be determined!  

Up to the 8 week point, I worked out 5 - 6 days a week.  Heavy weights.  Pushing myself harder and harder with each workout.  I was tired and sore.  All   the . time..  But it's been worth it!  Since the beginning of November, up to the 8 week point, I gain approximately 5 lbs of muscle and gained  9 lbs total.   

I found myself stepping on the scale and reminding myself why it has the same number as it did when I was 4 weeks out from having my 3rd baby.  That can mess with a girls brain!  Especially for me who is a recovering scale addict.  

During week 7, I received my competition bikini.. I put it on... I had a melt down.. I realized the work that was ahead of me... Then I pulled myself back together and became more determined than ever.  

That's what this is all about... taking it day by day, moment by moment, picking myself up and pulling myself together!!  With a little help from my closest supporters! 


6 Weeks

At 6 weeks out, I weighed in at 114.6.  I was down a total of 4.2 lbs and 6.5 inches.  And it was HARD work.   At 7 weeks, I added cardio - 30 to 40 minutes/day and I was on point with my nutrition almost every day.  I cut out my evening snacking and went to bed early to avoid the hunger pains.  I had been over eating up to that point. Plain and simple.   I scaled my eating back to what my portions should be for someone of my frame and stature. and it paid off. 

Over the weekend of my 6 week count down, I had a "cheat day/meal" a muffin and a piece of pizza... I gave in.. which meant I had HUGE carb cravings the next day.  Lesson learned.  No more cheat anything for the next 6 weeks!! Kicking carbs is freaking hard! 

The goal for this week is to drop to 112 lbs

5 Weeks out ~ I am annoyed and disappointed with myself... I didn’t hit my goal for the week.
Why? because I didn’t eat as clean as I could have... yep... I had moments of weakness and I ate crap.... not every day... but damn near close to it. I allowed stress and drama get to me and allowed myself to eat emotionally...

So what now?
Get back on track and do better this week coming up. Have better self control. That’s it, that’s all.

I am 5 weeks out...
I have worked really hard and I refuse to let drama and bs side track me this week!! 


4 - 2 Weeks

These two weeks were INTENSE!!  

I felt the pressure starting to mount as I come closer and closer!! 

At the start of 4 weeks out, I implemented 2 workouts/day - 7 days a week. Only taking a rest day if my body really needed it.   

Cardio/ with total body weights in the morning and 30-40 minutes cardio at night. 

I maintained clean eating with doing carb cycling because now I have added Slo-Pitch season into my week.  So on the days I play ball, I also teach 3 hours of gymnastics + my two workouts in a day.. which means my body needs more so I'm not killing myself and my brain function.   On the heavy days, I added a carb plus an extra meal.  On the other days, I avoided carbs unless absolutely needed.  which I made 3 out of the 5 possible days without carbs.   I could definitely feel it too.  

"Bikini Brain" IS A THING!  Brain fog is not fun... and it's hard to manage.. so if you're thinking about doing something like this.  Inform those around you so they can be gracious and forgiving!   And be forgiving on yourself too! 

My mindset has been excellent through these two weeks, in respect to my training.  Been extra emotional though.   Pulling through that and made myself do a 30 day No Complaining Challenge.   It's incredible how challenging myself to do something like that has HELPED!! 

I was down a total of 3" and 2 lbs within those two weeks.  Which gives me a loss of 6.2 lbs and 11.25 inches in 6 weeks.   

2 weeks to go!

Food - Workouts - And the Whole 9 Yards

14 days til I step on stage -  It's a saturday... chill.. and cravings!!  

Knocked out my workouts! 

Had a nap

Made amends to someone important to me (refer back to my emotional state as mentioned in my 4-2 weeks :( ) 

Found myself randomly snacking 

13 days - Mother's Day

Killed the workout!  

I saw the separation in my quads for the first time ever!!  HUGE moment for me! 

Nutrition was good... and then it sucked - gummies were involved.. Emotional eating - not going to blame it on anyone but myself... I put it in my mouth.. no one else. 

Made contact with a family member.. don't regret it, but not playing into it either! 

12 days - 


Peak Week


On track with a 6lb weight loss from the 8 week period - and sitting at 12% bf


This week I am hitting cardio hard (30-40 minutes) - started at 4 litres of water on the Friday before.  Tuesday was 3 litres, total body workouts every day. 


Eating is on point 

2 liters of water

35 min cardio

total body weight program - light weights


Down to 110.4 - total weight loss of 8 lbs - which was my goal. 

Total body weights only


8 weeks - Friday before Comp 


Travel day - 1 litre of water 

Brain had been foggy for the last couple weeks.  Same with today


Competition Day!

Hair and make up done, and suited up... 

BUT I didn't step on stage until 7 pm.   I'm glad I got these pics... cause I didn't look like this by stage time.  I retained fluid and bloated up a little. 

What a Great Adventure!


Celebrate the Successes!

This competition taught me so much about myself! 

My mental toughness

My physical toughness

My passion

My persistance 

My perseverance

All of it was tested! 

There was family stuff going on in the midst of my competition prep!  The type of stuff that would send any emotional eater over the edge!!  

And yep.... I allowed it to get to me at times. BUT it was how I picked myself back up again that made the difference in how I carried forward with my prep!  

This competition meant so many things to me!! 

It was an opportunity to prove to myself that I could do this! Regardless of who did or didn't believe in me!  

This was all me!! I made sure to own it!

Now, looking back, what would I have done differently?? 

Hired someone to help with my diet down/depletion. 

I would have practiced my posing more - I felt like I didn't know what I was doing up there. lol   And really, it wasn't that bad.  

Other than that... I embraced every ounce of the journey! 

I couldn't have done it without the support of my friends and family who stood beside me.   

Amanda's squared - Amanda Danielle and Amanda Lee - those two ladies were my rock and my end all be all some days!

Jen MacEwen for her awesome advice and patience with me!

Kendall Leonard - advice, posing and more advice and support! 

Brian - my guy who cheered me on from afar!  (all the way from Mississippi!) 

Aidan - kicked my butt whenever he could!   But the favour was returned all the time!

Michel - who ever thanks their ex - husband for something like this?? I DO!  He deserves it! He helped me with little man when he could, helped me with family stuff and game moral support :) 

And finally - My kids!!  My daughter for keeping me on track with my food! And helping me with little man so I could get my cardio tackled in the last month! My oldest for cheering me on!  

None of this would have been possible without their support!